Elevate your yoga experience with a personal practice

Yoga is an individual practice. All of our bodies are different and each of us have our own reasons for getting on our mats.

For example, you may want to reduce stress and anxiety, or build contentment and confidence, or increase the connection between your mind and your body. Even for you as an individual, your needs can change from day to day. Maybe today you want to focus on breath and balance. No matter what, you are not doing yoga for your neighbor or your instructor. It is deeply personal.

So, how do you personalize your practice? In short, with mindful movement. The base idea is straight forward: observe how you feel and move in a way that honors those feelings. The path to get there involves cultivating skills like self-awareness and compassion.

You can develop these skills with practice, including personal assistance from private yoga sessions or retreats, but it is not always easy.

To help you get there, we are working on new instruction tools that build self-awareness and compassion with intelligent sequence recommendations. Right now we’re calling them La Vita Yoga Guides. Think of them like personalized online guides for your yoga path. Guides build on our growing library of videos to teach you how to move mindfully.

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