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  • I had never tried yoga before working with Jessica, mostly because I didn't understand how much of a mental and physical workout it is. After working with Jessica, I had a much better idea of where my body is weak and strong. More importantly, I just felt good and calm, something I often struggle with.

    I really enjoy Jessica's blend of humor and serious approach to Yoga. It is clear she deeply respects the tradition, but she also recognizes that when I fall over, it's ok to laugh and move on.

    - MR (Durham, NC)

  • I always feel comfortable, physically and mentally, with Jessica. She employs a wide array of poses, with modifications for each as necessary, so that I feel challenged but not uncomfortable. She's given me modifications to accommodate and strengthen my trouble spots so that I feel more capable in my own practice and in group classes.

    Jessica incorporates a great balance of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in her practice. I feel refreshed, energized, and centered after working with her.

    More than anything else, I like working with Jessica because she makes the experience fun and uplifting. She is relaxed and lighthearted, but also attentive during sessions. I don't just smile when I feel great after the session, I smile during the session, too.

    - Adrian D. (Chapel Hill, NC)

  • Jessica has a great way of suggesting new things and giving good explanations on poses and alignment which really help. She is also very encouraging when you don’t think you might be able to do something... she got me to try some things I had not done before and that is always good!

    Her friendliness, openness, and patience all contribute to a great practice.

    I would definitely recommend Jessica. She listens well, is patient and open, but also careful to heed what her clients say. Also, she is very laid back yet focused on the practice which is a great combination. Great stress buster!

    - Susan P. (Durham, NC)

  • Since working with Jessica, I have used my knowledge of breathing to help calm myself and bring mental clarity to situations outside of yoga. I always feel more clarity and awareness of how our breath and body move as one unit.

    Regardless of the position I am in, Jessica offers simple, effective instructions and tidbits of information. I always know why I am doing each pose and how to make sure that my body is doing it correctly. I never lose track of my breath!

    I would obviously recommend working with Jessica! She creates a warm, safe, and stimulating environment where you can appreciate how the practice of yoga transcends exercise and extends throughout our daily lives.

    -Nicole R. (Durham, NC)

About Jessica

Although Jessica’s yoga practice began when she was young, it wasn't until after competing in college athletics that she realized she needed something more nourishing than just physical activity. Jessica views yoga as a chance to practice mindfulness and joyful movement.

Yoga has brought more awareness, love, and respect into Jessica's life. Among other things, it has taught her how to love her whole self as well as the people around her.

Jessica’s classes combine challenging poses, creative sequencing, and most importantly a sense of levity—she is always reminding herself and her students to never take yoga too seriously.

Jessica completed her 200 YTT @ Cambio. Studio in Colorado Springs, CO in 2011. Since then, she has taught thousands of classes and completed countless hours of continuing education trainings and workshops.